Kilmist: Selling and Billing Simplified

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Kilmist: Selling and Billing Simplified

CIO VendorShyam Cherlopalle, President
“It is no surprise that billing is often looked at as a complex ‘minefield’ where a lot of things can go wrong with a single mistake,” begins Shyam Cherlopalle, president of Kilmist as he touches upon how communication service providers are faced with the privation of billing information. “Billing involves a treasure trove of revenue information, which is important for decision- making,” he says. Evidently, the ability of a company—be it cable or satellite TV companies, broadband service providers, or mobile service providers—to sell and stay competitive in the marketplace today is dictated by its efficiency to extract the billing information. Amidst the technical and organizational challenges, Cherlopalle points out, companies need ample flexibility on the fly—enabling the marketing team to put together promotions and generate invoices with ease. This is where Kilmist steps in.

Highly configurable and extensible, Kilmist equips telecom, education, and communications sectors with a billing system that goes beyond mere billing and managing their revenue to take their business to new heights. Kilmist proffers comprehensive enterprise software, SpryBill that runs on a cloud platform integrated with accounting systems to streamline the billing process. With two decades of service in the billing space, the firm’s cloud platform eliminates the need for customers to purchase and maintain their hardware or software. Kilmist follows its motto of “If you sell it, we can bill it” to develop robust software framework that simplifies billing processes for the customers’ marketing teams.

It doesn’t end there. With unparalleled data analytics, snapshot insights, personalized dashboards, and reports, SpryBill leverages billing information to align the decision-making process with the customers’ roadmap.

If you sell it, we can bill it. That is where the innovation starts

To keep pace with their roadmap, SpryBill tracks and stores billing history up to eight years, to provide a historical analysis of the billing information.

Analyzing the bulk of billing information is a rather tedious process for a traditional billing system. Equipped with extensive built-in automation, SpryBill offers powerful notification and a detailed report submission mechanism in the cloud platform to intimate marketers on completion of the analysis. Adding value to the billing history analysis, Kilmist recently incorporated a billing reconciliation process in its software that compares data between different monthly billings. “The billing team needs to have an idea as to why the billing is different in each month. In doing so, we cover the areas that are overlooked by traditional billing systems,” adds Cherlopalle.

The firm’s software also handles any errors that occur during the billing process with its deactivation feature. Instead of dropping the ongoing billing process and starting from scratch, Kilmist has built this deactivation feature where clients can utilize the ‘undo’ button to revert the billing system back to a state that allows changes, mitigating time and resource wastage. The deactivation feature along with the reconciliation feature allows customers to gather billing information accurately and effortlessly, just like a ‘plug and play’ system. This makes moving to a new billing system seamless, quicker, and more economical. As Cherlopalle recalls, “When we upgraded our customers from an in-house billing system to the cloud, everybody was uncomfortable. We had to convince our customers about migrating to the cloud.” Today, Kilmist’s cloud platform not only eliminates the need for system maintenance but also facilitates integration methodologies while generating bills and answering customer questions.

In addition to a powerful billing system, SpryBill’s BriskCRM offers a robust customer relationship management (CRM) system and several payment gateways for the clients’ sales/ support teams to bolster customer relations and online experiences. With its current focus on communication service providers (CSP) across North America, Kilmist looks to expand its service across various verticals in the communication and billing space.